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Humanistic Foundation

We are a non-profit organization

incorporated in March, 1993. New Concept Group Home is a Residential Treatment Facility housing

ambulatory male minors ranging from age 11-17, and non-dependants up to age 21.

Our program offers individualized treatment tailored to each youth's needs which typically takes place over six months and is built on a 24-hour milieu overseen by a multidisciplinary team of experienced professionals and well-trained youth development specialists.

Based on cognitive behavioral principles, this highly structured experiential program is designed to teach children cognitive strategies and social skills that will enable them to live effective and fulfilling lives at home and in the community.

It is the philosophy of Humanistic Foundation Incorporated that every human being has the inherent right to enhance their development and maximize their achievement of self-determination and autonomy in the least restrictive, most humanistic and normalizing environment available to them.

It is also the philosophy of the STRTP that families and guardians are encouraged to become involved in the daily activities of the program. Visits between youth's and their families are encouraged, whether at the facility or at the families home.

With that in mind, the following are our mutual responsibilities:

  • To provide quality service effectively and efficiently in a clean, safe, and attractive environment.

  • To respect the youth’s personal rights.

  • To prove the highest standard of services to our youth.

  • To operate the program efficiently according to sound business practices, including conserving resources

  • To educate the community with reference to the needs of our youth population and their families.

New Concept Group Home is located in West Los Angeles, CA. After intense research, we at Humanistic

discovered a need for residential homes in Bakersfield, CA. This resulted in the addition of two new

facilities. In 2001 Stockdale Boys Center​ #1 was opened and in 2004 we opened Stockdale Boys Center #2.

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